Property Management

KT Management

The Problem

KT Management is responsible for the estate management of residential properties, ensuring that their clients’ properties are well maintained and kept in good condition.  One of the properties in their portfolio is Thackall Street apartments in Coventry. There was an issue with water ingress causing problems on the interior ceilings.

FPM’s Solution

To survey the property, investigate and identify the issues and the cause of the problem. Subsequently FPM replaced the gutters and the lead step flashings and soakers and created the correct falls for the water to run away. This fixed the problem which had been caused by previous bad workmanship.

The Full Story

KT Management requested FPM to survey and quote for the works required at Thackall Street apartments in Coventry.  KT Management then returned to FPM to carry out a full inspection and proceed with the works.

Upon surveying a number of apartment blocks it was evident that the water ingress was due to problems caused at build stage.

Work was carried out at height from a 16 metre truck mounted boom in order to achieve access / egress to the work face.  Gutters were taken down and replaced with the correct falls for the water to run off, brackets were fitted and all joints sealed; existing lead was cut back and the step joints were raked out and dressed in new lead and repointed; weep vents were fitted to the open joints and the open perp was pointed at lower level.

Water no longer penetrates the building following the installation of the guttering with the correct falls.  The new lead installed will divert water from the valleys into the gutters.  Given the correct upkeep and maintenance the gutters should have a life expectancy of 20 years reducing future maintenance costs.  Had the issue of water ingress been left any longer the entire ceiling could eventually have fallen down so clearly preventative maintenance has saved money in the long run.