Internal Refurbishment

The Problem

FPM’s client, Nationwide Building Society, Birmingham, had a number of issues which required attention both back of house and in the banking office.

The rear window of one of the meeting rooms was rotten and as a consequence was unsecure. Due to damp issues and water ingress, the decorations were in poor condition. Wide vinyl wallpaper was peeling away; skirting boards were rotten and needed replacement. Paint was flaky and peeling, plaster works required removal and ceilings required replacement. New lighting was also required.

Due to the nature of the business, security was tight and works had to be carried out during normal working hours at pre-specified times.

FPM’s Solution

There were three areas that FPM felt needed special attention; the first involved the type of establishment, that of a building society, thus there would be sensitive areas to work within. The second was that business had to continue uninterrupted and the third was working around the general public.

The three areas were dealt with by liaising with local management and agreeing a strategy that left them comfortable and safe in the knowledge that FPM could satisfy the stringent security and at the same time complete work with little or no interference to their day to day business.

The Full Story

FPM was called in by their client to Nationwide Building Society which had suffered water ingress to three separate areas; had a rotten rear security window that needed replacement and light fittings were damaged and did not meet current regulation.

Due to the nature of the building all fire escape routes had to be kept clear at all times and staff and customers had to be able to move around unhindered.

As there were no Operation and Maintenance manuals available, FPM had to specify and source all materials to the client’s satisfaction. This included wall finishes, ceiling tiles and a new security window.

The water entry points had already been located and dealt with. The task was to reinstate to damaged walls and finishes to good order.

The security window had its challenges due to the positioning of the window within the wall and the restricted rear access that was available. Working within the secure cash area during trading hours meant very strict protocols had to be followed.

FPM removed the rotten window and a new double glazed window, which was manufactured in advance, was installed in order to secure the rear meeting room in the banking office.

A match to the existing wallpaper was located in order to avoid replacing all of the paper. Where required, the Muraspec paper was stripped, walls prepared, sealed and new wide vinyl hung. The skirting boards were removed and new boards installed and decorated.

Wide vinyl (Muraspec) was stripped in the kitchen/staff room and new vinyl was hung. The back of house landing and stair walls were fully prepared prior to applying sealer and emulsion paint.

In both the ladies and gents toilets, all poor condition plaster to the walls and ceilings was removed and then re-plastered. The affected areas were re-decorated.

New bulkhead lighting to the ladies and gents toilets was supplied and fitted. The changing of light fittings was phased as light was needed throughout the day due to no natural daylight being available.

The end result was a brighter, cleaner and smarter environment which was secure. All works were carried out whilst the building society was fully operational without hindering business or customers.