Introducing our new apprentice

FPM looks to the future by taking on Jack Villette as a technical apprentice. Jack Villette FPM Apprentice

Robert Villette, Managing Director of FPM is a strong advocator of apprenticeships, believing that key skills will be lost forever unless we return to the traditional route of passing knowledge on to the next generation. Robert began his own career as an apprentice.

As secretary of Force, (Forum for Constructing Excellence) which actively promotes apprenticeships in the construction industry as a whole, Robert decided that it was time to put words into action and take on an apprentice himself.

The construction industry is facing a skills shortage and many believe that this will only get worse in the future unless young people are encouraged back into this sector. Construction has been seen for some time as an unattractive career option for young people yet the opportunities are varied and challenging.

Robert explained:

“Taking on Jack as an apprentice helps build a future for both FPM and Jack himself. As a company we can train him from scratch before he starts picking up bad habits. Jack has the chance to learn new skills which are highly valued in the industry. At the same time he will add a younger fresher approach to our workplace.

“I have built up the company myself and want to know that there is someone to pick up the reigns when I am ready to hand them over, but I was keen for Jack to gain knowledge of the industry at all levels.

Jack has already undertaken two years as a trade apprentice with a major construction company so he has some experience of the industry under his belt.”

After being awarded the technical apprenticeship with FPM, Jack commented:

“I am happy to start at the bottom and work my way up learning as I go. With day release at college and on the job training it suits me perfectly as I can pick up qualifications and learn the job at the same time. My ambition is to become a Project Manager and one day even own the company!”

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