Our 5 preventative maintenance checks before the winter sets in

Preparing your building for the winter prepare for winter

Forecasters are predicting a severe winter so make sure your building is ready for all weathers and avoid potential disasters:

Take a look at FPM’s top five preventative maintenance checklist for you to carry out before the winter sets in:

  1. Check roofs for missing and slipped slates
  2. Check ceilings for damp patches
  3. Check gutters and gulleys are not blocked with leaves and debris
  4. Check pipes are not making strange noises and do not have slow leaks, check pipe lagging
  5. Check window seals are not split and cracked

Don’t worry if you haven’t got the time or resources to get these done, we can help!

FPM take care of buildings nationwide and our team of skilled tradespeople are on hand to get your building ready for winter.

There is also a question of health and safety, so don’t put yourself at any risk. If your roof is inaccessible by ladders, FPM can offer high level roof surveys using powered access equipment.

Prevent costly disasters ahead by being prepared now.

Contact us for more details or to discuss your requirements.