The Environment

Sustainability and the Environment

FPM is fully committed to the ethos of sustainability and the protection of the environment.

Without question, we support all new directives that are issued and keep abreast of what is new in the market place with respect to sustainable building.

We are all aware that the world’s resources are precious, therefore when assessing a facility; we ensure that any work we carry out will have a positive and not a negative effect on the environment and always offer what we consider to be best practice. Nevertheless, we remain competitive in terms of value for money and the impact on the environment.

We are always looking to partner with forward thinking clients who understand the cost benefits to the environment and sustainable resources when considering their building facility.

FPM can offer many ways in which to achieve both our own and our clients’ goals:

Energy saving lighting systems

  •     Lamping processes
  •     Zoned lighting
  •     Proximity lighting

Energy saving heating systems

  •     Filtering back used heat
  •     Utilising heat from air conditioning condensers
  •     Solar energy
  •     Insulation

Rainwater harvesting

  •     Collecting and re-using rainwater through rainwater management systems
  •     Water collection direct from rainwater pipes or from underground drainage

Water re-cycling

  • Collecting and re-routing water through filters and re-using within a facility in non-potable areas such as cleaning, flushing or vehicle washing.

FPM is always happy to discuss various options so that together with our partners we can overcome the challenge of sustainability and the environment, please contact us.