Carbon Reduction

FPM’s commitment to the reduction of carbon use and CO2 emissions is at the forefront of our thinking.

Not only are we aware of the ground work being laid by Government for carbon controlled economy, as with the introduction of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, we are already working within the guidelines.

Industry’s biggest clients, including local authorities, high street retailers and major property owners with a spend above the Government stipulation per year for electricity, will be co-opted into a new emissions trading scheme and will be required to buy permits for each tonne of CO2 they emit. The scheme puts a direct price on carbon and so creates a financial incentive for reducing emissions.

FPM can help in these reductions with the introduction of new methods of heating and lighting. Not always renewing what is in situ, but by putting in place efficiency plans and better maintenance with improved materials – overall helping change the mindset of the user.

Following the introduction of legislation in 2010, building owners are not only asked to record carbon emissions as per the Energy Performance Certificates introduced in October 2008, but they will also have to pay for the amount of carbon emissions. The poorer the building performs with carbon emissions the higher the bill. In such cases, FPM can help.

Forward thinking now will save later. FPM can deliver the facilities and processes for you to be ahead of the game.